False News – Pharmed Vans

Nov 02 2022

False News – Pharmed Vans

2 November 2022

The DNU-CPF has noted, with concern, the resurgence of an old WhatsApp message from July 2021 regarding stolen Pharmed vehicles.

The message that starts with:

“Please be advised that 10 Pharmed vehicles have been stolen from riverhorse and they are trying to gain access into estates and complexes pretending to be delivering medication.”refers to an incident from the July Riots in 2021, and is in no way to be taken in it’s current form.

We strongly urge residents to refrain from sharing this message, and relay back to whomever sent this to one, that it is false and should not be shared.

Group admins are urged to utilise the “Delete for everyone” function to ensure the message is removed from your groups.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations – pr@dncpf.co.za

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Darryl Oliver
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