Fake Messages Regarding National Shutdown on 20 March 2023

Mar 10 2023

Fake Messages Regarding National Shutdown on 20 March 2023

10 March 2023

The DNU CPF is aware of a WhatsApp message circulating that details action points in response to a SAPS strike on 17 March 2023 and the National Shutdown on 20 March 2023.

We can confirm that the message is not written by a SAPS member, and it’s contents do nothing more than to sew unfounded fear in the general public. With regards to the SAPS strike: SAPS members who are on duty are not permitted to strike, and only those off-duty may attend a strike or picket line, but are expected to return for their shift or be subject to disciplinary action.

We would like to assure the public that the DNU CPF are in regular contact across multiple levels and divisions in law enforcement, and will advise the public as soon as possible if we are made aware of any developments that would threaten the general public.

We request that residents do not share or take notice of unverified messages and voice notes but rather rely on their relevant CPF structures and/or other verified sources of information.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations – pr@dncpf.co.za

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