National Shutdown – 20 March 2023

Mar 15 2023

National Shutdown – 20 March 2023

15 March 2023

The DNU CPF would like to assure the public that it is in regular contact across multiple levels and divisions in law enforcement, as well as with local business entities, and will advise the public as soon as possible if we are made aware of any developments that would threaten the general public.

At this stage, it is still too early to identify or anticipate if or how this will affect ours, or the surrounding areas. Being an unofficial long weekend, we are aware that a majority of businesses may be closed, regardless of the shutdown, and residents may be away.

Nonetheless, all key role-players have contingency plans, and the relevant teams have been placed on high-alert in order to respond swiftly and effectively, should the need arise.

Further to this, the North Durban Operational Control Centre (NDOCC) will be going live from today. This is joint operation between the Durban North & Umhlanga CPF, Greenwood Park CPF, the SAPS, Metro Police, the Greater Together Foundation PBO/NPO and local Private Security companies, which has been worked on tirelessly over the past few months.

We understand some residents may feel the need to stock up on necessities, in which case we urge you to do so in a responsible and calm manner.

We request that residents do not share or take notice of unverified messages and voice notes but rather rely on their relevant CPF structures and/or other verified sources of information.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations –

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