MK Viral Message – 17 March 2024

Mar 17 2024

MK Viral Message – 17 March 2024

We are aware of a message currently circulating that urges residents to “take precautions” ahead of a MK court case this coming week. The message makes further claims of army deployment off the back of civil unrest.

As is stands, we have no credible or verifiable information to substantiate these claims. Further to this, there has been no presidential order to deploy the army. As with previous fake viral messages, there is no name and/or source attached, no date or any other information to give the message credibility.

Given the nature of the instability of our water and power over the past few months, as an everyday precaution, most residents already have backup water on hand, and some form of alternate power, among other things. By default, households should already have a small stock of medical necessities for day-to-day incidents, and access to their chronic medicine.

As always, we ask that residents remain aware and alert, and if you notice anything out of order such as people tampering with equipment or infrastructure, or even have concerns with Municipal teams working on any infrastructure, please call either SAPS on 10111, Metro Police on 031 361 0000, the DNCPF Control Room on 063 643 7803, or your local security provider.

We ask that you rely on information either from your Ward Councillors, the DNCPF or other official structures, and refrain from sharing unverified voice notes and messages.

If you have first hand information to share, include a date and time when sharing.

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