Taxi Blockade and Go Slow – 16 April 2024

Apr 16 2024

Taxi Blockade and Go Slow – 16 April 2024


16 April 2024


Over the course of today, Tuesday 16 April 2024, the DN CPF received multiple reports from various groups about large contingents of slow moving and/or stationary taxis resulting in severe traffic jams across several areas in Durban North, as well as along the N2, both North and South.

Metro Police and the SAPS were deployed to the scenes and dispersed the taxis, however in some cases the taxis relocated to other points.

A large convoy of taxis appeared to leave the Durban North area en-masse at around 18h30.

Reports seem to indicate that the reason behind the go-slows and blockades is that the taxis are unhappy with a long, ongoing multi-disciplinary operation aimed at fining taxis for varying offences and infringements.

From tonight Metro Police and SAPS will be closely monitoring the situation. The DN CPF are in constant contact with them and will provide updates to our residents as and when the information is made available, so we ask that residents monitor their local traffic, security or street groups for updates.

We ask that you rely on information either from the DNCPF or other official structures, and refrain from sharing unverified voice notes, videos and messages. If you have first-hand information to share, include a date and time when sharing to prevent circulation of old or outdated messages

Darryl Oliver
Durban North CPF Public Relations

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