Apr 30 2024

Recent Shootings

The Durban North CPF would just like to state that there is no link between the business robbery on 10 April 2024, and the alleged shooting that occurred at a private residence on 29 April 2024 that both occurred in the Broadway/Durban North precincts.
Regarding the incident on the 29 April 2024, unconfirmed reports seem to point to the fact that the suspects and victims may have known each other, and there are no indications that this was a robbery. The investigation is still ongoing by the Durban North SAPS, and the actual motive and relationship between the parties is still to be fully determined. Any other information out there is still purely speculative.
We are not seeing an escalation in terms of targeted armed robberies, and any other incidents of alleged shootings, whilst unfortunate, have been isolated, and not part of a trend.
As a CPF, a major concern right now is the number of fraud cases we are seeing, with our residents being scammed out of large sums of money, to people posing as bank or cellphone call centres, and victims handing over bank account access, or EFTing large sums. We cannot impress enough on residents to never disclose personal banking information to anyone. Banks or other providers never ask for your account details, password, Pin or OTP.
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Oct 09 2023

Fence Hopper Increase – 9 October 2023

There has been a marked increase of fence hopping across our sectors over the last few nights around the 3-4am mark, which in turn has resulted in petty theft, but at the very least for scouting.

We urge residents to take the following precautions:

  • Be extra mindful of leaving valuables, like phones, laptops, etc, near windows, whether they are open or not, especially if you have low walls and no electric fencing, or open-profile gates;
  • Check that if you have perimeter beams, they are working correctly and are clean;
  • Make sure your external lights are working and/or come on at the right times;
  • Test your panic buttons, as well as your alarm triggers;
  • Consider investing in external solar/battery lights;
  • Check that your CCTV systems work and record.


when in doubt, press your panics,

alert your armed response and call 10111

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Jun 12 2022

Gateway Burglary

12 June 2022

At around 5am on Sunday 12 June 2022, seven suspects entered the Gateway Shopping Mall and burgled one of the stores by smashing the glass entrance door.

They fled in a single vehicle. Two shots were fired by perpetrators in an effort to clear their exit.

There was no shoot out between security and the perpetrators and at no stage was there any risk to life.

SAPS attended the scene with other security providers. SAPS will conduct the necessary investigation.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations –

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Jun 04 2022

Incident on Umhlanga Promenade

4 June 2022

The CPF would like to clarify the information in a post circulating regarding an attempted rape on the Umhlanga Promenade on 3 June 2022.

There was no attempted rape. This was a straightforward theft/mugging.

A cellphone was snatched and the suspects ran off. There were no weapons produced, and the victim was not dragged into the bushes.

The UIP were able to make arrests. The victim has made a statement to SAPS and a case has been opened.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations –

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Dec 03 2020

Cardboard collector stabbed in attempted robbery in Durban North

This article originally appeared in the Northglen News:

A LOCAL cardboard collector said he is lucky to be alive after he was stabbed in an attempted robbery last week.

George Moyo (37) was doing his early morning collection in the vicinity of Lansdowne Crescent when he was attacked by a lone suspect on Thursday (27 November) at about 6.30am.

Moyo sustained stab wounds to his upper back and arm as he tried to flee from his attacker.

“I was walking with my trolley when a man asked me to stop. I initially assumed he wanted to ask for directions but when he reached me he grabbed my pockets and tried to rob me. I tried to flee and called out for help and the man stabbed me in the back and then again the bicep as I tried to stop him. A Marshall Security guard who heard my calls for help came to my assistance and my attacker fled on foot.

“Some of the residents came out to help me as I was bleeding profusely. At one point I blacked out because of the loss of blood. I waited for more than an hour for a government ambulance to take me to hospital before paramedics from Crisis Medical helped me,” he said.

Speaking to Northglen News from a bed at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Moyo said he is recovering but is in a lot of pain.

“I’m grateful to the residents who stayed with me and offered me water and painkillers while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. I’m lucky to be alive really. At the moment I’m in a lot of pain and I’m unable to earn a living because of what happened. I’m part of the Roadhouse Crescent cardboard collectors, and we work closely with a number of environmental groups including the eThekwini municipality and the CPF,” he said.

Henry Landman, spokesperson for Crisis Medical, confirmed they had treated Moyo who was in a serious condition when they arrived on scene.

“Members of the Durban North SAPS, Marshall Security, and Blue Security, the CPF and Home Hawks Neighbourhood Watch were on scene when the call went out. He had lost a lot of blood when paramedics arrived on scene. We treated his wounds on scene before transporting him to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Phoenix,” he said.

Moyo said he intended to open a case at the Durban North SAPS once he is discharged from hospital.

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Oct 29 2020

Dr. Rudolph Zinn, UNISA School of Criminal Justice

Dr. Rudolph Zinn from UNISA’s School of Criminal Justice conducted research into understanding and preventing house robbery in South Africa. Based on in-depth interviews with convicted robbers, this is what he found:

• 8 out of 10 residential robberies are committed with the help of information from maids, gardeners and former employees.

• Robbers will monitor the home for as long as two weeks.

• Most attacks occur between 19:00 and midnight as people are relaxed, sleeping, cooking or watching TV and the security systems and beams are not activated. Robberies can continue until 04:00.

• 97% of robbers are armed.

• On average, an armed robbery gang has four members.

• The average age of a house robber is 19 to 26 years of age.

• An average of 30% of all house robbers have either committed murder, or won’t hesitate to commit murder.

• Only 17% of house robbers are foreigners.

• Of all arrested robbers, 90% had no matric qualification or were unemployed. The 10% who had been employed gave up their jobs when confirming how much they could ‘earn’ from a robbery.

• Most victims or targets are affluent persons who openly display their wealth, for example wearing expensive jewellery.

• The average robber commits 103 robberies over 7 years before getting caught.

• Most attackers’ homes or ‘bases’ are a 10 to 30 minute drive from the target address.

• The conviction rate for house robberies in South Africa is only 7.67%. In the USA it is 53%.These security measures are a major deterrent to crime:

• Electric fences

• Detection beams

• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

• Small dogs that sleep inside the house (robbers consider this to be the biggest deterrent of all.)

In the words of Dr Rudolph Zinn from his book Home Invasion – “They scout a neighbourhood to see how tight the security is. A patrol or neighbourhood watch (CPF) factors in 68% on whether they go in or not, so having a good neighbourhood watch in the area can be a major deterrent.”

Before you leave your house…

• Make sure all shrubs and trees are trimmed back so that they do not allow a burglar to conceal himself while attempting to open a window or door. If possible, plant bushes with prickly thorns around these locations.

• Don’t stop your security awareness at the outside walls of your house. Your yard areas (if any) also deserve attention. In general, don’t leave anything around the yard that might help a burglar get into your house. Ladders, stackable boxes or any garden tools should be put away, preferably in a locked cabinet. Many burglars have used the property owner’s own tools to break into a home.

• Don’t place outdoor furniture tables nearby the house, as these could become an easy stepladder to the roof. Rather move them inside in the evening.

• Second-story windows are often left unsecured, making it easy for the criminal to get into the house. To discourage potential climbers, spread grease on any metal drainpipes if they are close to windows. Use Vaseline or clear automotive grease, depending on the colour of the pipe (or replace with plastic pipe).

• A barking dog, changing your daily routine and the presence of CCTV cameras could make your home a less attractive target to criminals.

• Make sure your post office box is always empty. A full post box makes it seem like you are never home.

• Since robbers can watch your movements for as long as two weeks, try to deviate from your usual routine regularly. Leave and return home at different times, use different routes and visit different shops to what you typically do.• Take extreme care when hiring domestic workers and other service providers cannot be underestimated. Be careful who you let into your home.

Acknowledgement – Leané du Plessis and

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Oct 18 2020

Armed Robbery – Virginia Bush Nature Reserve

On Sunday 18th October at around 1.30pm, Home Hawks NHW were alerted to an incident in the Upper Virginia bush are were a family were held up by gunpoint and a cell phone was stolen. Fortunately there were no injuries.

Members of the Home Hawks searched the Upper Virginia Bush for the family who were in hiding, and transferred them to a place of safety.

The team from The CPF North Durban Victim Support were on the scene quickly to offer trauma counselling to the family.

Members of the Home Hawks and Marshall security combed the area for the suspect and patrols were also done around the area until 16H30 when it was called off.

A case has been opened with SAPS Durban North.

The Northglen News also carried the story:

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Oct 13 2020

Robbery Suspects Apprehended

This morning at 03H55 an attempted house breaking at a house in Danville Ave was reported on the Sector 1B Home Hawks Security group.

Members of the Home Hawks Neighbourhood Watch and Marshall Security attended the scene. Suspects had already run away. Patrollers stayed in the area and then noticed a suspicious grey Toyota driving very slowly On Newport Ave.

Patrollers decided to follow. Once the driver spotted the patrollers and Marshall Security vehicle he drove off leaving his two friends behind. Two suspects were apprehended. We are certain that the description and the modus operandi of theses suspects fit other breakings in the area lately. Big shout out to Home Hawks Patrollers and Marshall Security for there excellent work this morning.

Suspects were handed over to SAPS for further investigation

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