May 11 2024

Multi-Disciplinary Operation – Friday 10 May 2024

On Friday night, 10 May 2024, members of the Durban North SAPS, Metro Police, and Durban North CPF and Community In Blue conducted several multi-disciplinary operations and road blocks across Durban North and Umhlanga.

Some of the results and activities last night include:

  1. One premises was closed for illegal trading, and liquor confiscated.
  2. Operational and liquor licence checks in conjunction with KZN Liquor Authority.
  3. Several fines issued for various Road Traffic Offences such as missing licence plates, expired discs or driving without a licence.
  4. Warnings issued to drivers about road conduct and safety.
  5. Approximately 50 cars and over 150 people checked for weapons and drugs.
  6. Warnings issued to patrons exiting establishments for disorderly public conduct.

We would like to thank all role players involved, and will continue these kinds of operations to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors to our areas, as well as the compliance of the establishments operating.

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Apr 30 2024

Recent Shootings

The Durban North CPF would just like to state that there is no link between the business robbery on 10 April 2024, and the alleged shooting that occurred at a private residence on 29 April 2024 that both occurred in the Broadway/Durban North precincts.
Regarding the incident on the 29 April 2024, unconfirmed reports seem to point to the fact that the suspects and victims may have known each other, and there are no indications that this was a robbery. The investigation is still ongoing by the Durban North SAPS, and the actual motive and relationship between the parties is still to be fully determined. Any other information out there is still purely speculative.
We are not seeing an escalation in terms of targeted armed robberies, and any other incidents of alleged shootings, whilst unfortunate, have been isolated, and not part of a trend.
As a CPF, a major concern right now is the number of fraud cases we are seeing, with our residents being scammed out of large sums of money, to people posing as bank or cellphone call centres, and victims handing over bank account access, or EFTing large sums. We cannot impress enough on residents to never disclose personal banking information to anyone. Banks or other providers never ask for your account details, password, Pin or OTP.
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Nov 14 2023

Incident regarding school girls – 14 November 2023

14 November 2023

On Monday 13 November 2023, a WhatsApp message began to circulate regarding an alleged incident regarding two school girls on Adelaide Tambo (Kensington) Drive, Durban North.
Despite our best efforts at the time, we were unable to authenticate the message or locate the original sender, until she contacted the DNU-CPF today.

From what we can ascertain, the two school girls were walking from a local school, to the McDonalds in Swapo Road. On the way there, they were followed and repeatedly harassed by men in a metallic blue vehicle, who were talking to and calling out to them whilst driving behind them. The girls, feeling threatened, started to run down the road away from the men.

A Westville CPF member, who happened to be driving past at the time, noticed the girls in a state of distress, and stopped to assist them, who proceeded to get into her car. It was here that a second vehicle stopped in front, but the CPF member was able to drive off. Both suspect vehicles left in the other direction.

For now, it appears that the motive behind this was either to a mugging, or a possible attempted abduction, but this has not been determined, as no physical attempts to pull the girls into the car had occurred as yet.

The incident has been reported to the Durban North SAPS, and further investigations will be conducted. The vehicle descriptions will be circulated to the relevant teams for monitoring.

We commend the actions of a fellow CPF member in stopping to assist and drive the school girls away from the scene.


Darryl Oliver
Durban North and Umhlanga CPF Public Relations

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Oct 09 2023

Fence Hopper Increase – 9 October 2023

There has been a marked increase of fence hopping across our sectors over the last few nights around the 3-4am mark, which in turn has resulted in petty theft, but at the very least for scouting.

We urge residents to take the following precautions:

  • Be extra mindful of leaving valuables, like phones, laptops, etc, near windows, whether they are open or not, especially if you have low walls and no electric fencing, or open-profile gates;
  • Check that if you have perimeter beams, they are working correctly and are clean;
  • Make sure your external lights are working and/or come on at the right times;
  • Test your panic buttons, as well as your alarm triggers;
  • Consider investing in external solar/battery lights;
  • Check that your CCTV systems work and record.


when in doubt, press your panics,

alert your armed response and call 10111

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Jun 12 2022

Gateway Burglary

12 June 2022

At around 5am on Sunday 12 June 2022, seven suspects entered the Gateway Shopping Mall and burgled one of the stores by smashing the glass entrance door.

They fled in a single vehicle. Two shots were fired by perpetrators in an effort to clear their exit.

There was no shoot out between security and the perpetrators and at no stage was there any risk to life.

SAPS attended the scene with other security providers. SAPS will conduct the necessary investigation.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations –

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Jun 04 2022

Incident on Umhlanga Promenade

4 June 2022

The CPF would like to clarify the information in a post circulating regarding an attempted rape on the Umhlanga Promenade on 3 June 2022.

There was no attempted rape. This was a straightforward theft/mugging.

A cellphone was snatched and the suspects ran off. There were no weapons produced, and the victim was not dragged into the bushes.

The UIP were able to make arrests. The victim has made a statement to SAPS and a case has been opened.


Darryl Oliver
DNU CPF Public Relations –

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Oct 18 2020

Armed Robbery – Virginia Bush Nature Reserve

On Sunday 18th October at around 1.30pm, Home Hawks NHW were alerted to an incident in the Upper Virginia bush are were a family were held up by gunpoint and a cell phone was stolen. Fortunately there were no injuries.

Members of the Home Hawks searched the Upper Virginia Bush for the family who were in hiding, and transferred them to a place of safety.

The team from The CPF North Durban Victim Support were on the scene quickly to offer trauma counselling to the family.

Members of the Home Hawks and Marshall security combed the area for the suspect and patrols were also done around the area until 16H30 when it was called off.

A case has been opened with SAPS Durban North.

The Northglen News also carried the story:

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Sep 04 2020

Durban North SAPS welcomes new station commander

WITH more than 30 years of service to the South African Police Service (SAPS), Colonel Jericho Sipho Nkomo is looking forward to settling in to his role as the new Station Commander of the Durban North police station.

Nkomo, who has been in the role for almost a month, has served in various management roles within the SAPS as well as being an active member in fighting crime with his role in visible policing.

He was previously stationed in Mpumalanga (KZN) serving in the same role before being named as Colonel Gopaul Naidoo’s successor, the former station commander of the Durban North SAPS.

“This is like my second coming as I was stationed at the Durban North police station between 1992 and 1998. I know many of the members who are still here and I was welcomed with open arms. It all feels familiar being here. The crime stats have shown the station is on the right track in fighting crime so I won’t be changing the current system of policing. There are however a few areas of concern in respect to crime trends that we as management have identified.

“The station has an excellent relationship with the Durban North/uMhlanga CPF and the various security companies so that has been a massive plus. I’ve already met with CPF chairman, Haden Searles, who has also welcomed me in the new role. I’m really looking forward to the challenges ahead and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve within the north Durban community,” he said.

Durban North police station spokesperson, Capt Raymond Deokaran, also welcomed the new station commander saying the members had already learned from him.

“Having given 34 years of service to the police, the Colonel has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been extremely proactive since coming on board and he has already identified areas of concern. He has also established a fantastic rapport between the members of the station,” Deokaran said.


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Jun 27 2020

Durban North/uMhlanga CPF helps SAPS during pandemic

THE Durban North/Umhlanga Community Police Forum (CPF) has lent a helping hand to members of the Durban North police station during the last few weeks due to the nationwide lockdown.

Members of the North Durban Victim Support Unit and Youth Desk, both entities of the CPF have volunteered their services to members of the public entering the Community Service Centre (CSC), where residents come to certify documents, open crime dockets and seek help.

Terry Goulding, vice chairman of the CPF, said the idea was to free up police officers stationed in the front office to continue with their duties.

“If we weren’t helping out, the officers at the CSC would have to split their duties between screening residents coming in and helping them in their capacity as the SAPS. The chairman of the CPF, Haden Searles, and myself felt this would free officers up to continue with their duties. Currently we have employed a screening process, where a member of the CPF greets you at the entrance, asks you sanitise your hands, checks your temperature and asks you to fill out a questionnaire to help with contact tracing,” Goulding explained.

“The other positive in supporting residents and members of the public is we get a chance to interact with them and see what services they require. If it’s a general inquiry we are able to help them with it and stop them from joining a queue and wasting their time.”

Goulding said the reaction from residents has been positive.


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