Apr 30 2024

Recent Shootings

The Durban North CPF would just like to state that there is no link between the business robbery on 10 April 2024, and the alleged shooting that occurred at a private residence on 29 April 2024 that both occurred in the Broadway/Durban North precincts.
Regarding the incident on the 29 April 2024, unconfirmed reports seem to point to the fact that the suspects and victims may have known each other, and there are no indications that this was a robbery. The investigation is still ongoing by the Durban North SAPS, and the actual motive and relationship between the parties is still to be fully determined. Any other information out there is still purely speculative.
We are not seeing an escalation in terms of targeted armed robberies, and any other incidents of alleged shootings, whilst unfortunate, have been isolated, and not part of a trend.
As a CPF, a major concern right now is the number of fraud cases we are seeing, with our residents being scammed out of large sums of money, to people posing as bank or cellphone call centres, and victims handing over bank account access, or EFTing large sums. We cannot impress enough on residents to never disclose personal banking information to anyone. Banks or other providers never ask for your account details, password, Pin or OTP.
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